Limousine.com is a global ground transportation provider covering all major cities worldwide. We provide our luxury service through our own fleet locally in NYC and through our local operators spanning all major cities across the US, Europe, Asia, North and South America and the rest of the world. Limousine.com is now expanding its coverage beyond our traditional business to business coverage. For years, we have helped service household names in the banking and financial community, law firms, and other global corporations. We understand what it takes to provide first class service to the demanding executive and luxury class passengers. Our history and quality is unmatched dating back to our parent company - Elite Limousine - start in 1986.

To book, please see the Book Now button, or feel free to call us at 888-999-LIMO (5466) or email us at res@limousine.com . We can set up a corporate account or you can pay via credit card. Limousine.com has a 24x7 customer service center and is always available to help.

Limousine.com Airport Services

Limousine.com has a global service coverage including New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, Washington, D.C., Chicago, London, Paris and 600 other Cities and 60 countries. In places where we do not have our own fleet, we use trusted and vetted partners who own their fleet of vehicles and are committed to quality service and client satisfaction just like us. While our competition may, our worldwide policy is not to employ independent drivers unless they are associated with a local company; we demand quality of service through supervision of chauffeurs and vehicles.

Limousine.com Airport Services

Limousine.com partners are trusted and vetted transportation companies, operating their own fleets. Some of our travel partners have been dealing with us for more than 20 years. We ensure that each affiliate stays properly insured and licensed by local governmental authorities. Our affiliates are direct suppliers; none are intermediate web entities.

Limousine.com Airport Services

Limousine.com is available on various GDSs and TMC systems. We accept reservations directly into our booking system through Deem, Ground Span, Here Mobility and Karhoo. Now in development phase, Limousine.com will soon be available on Saber Red App store. We welcome Travel agency accounts for a customized service.

Limousine.com Airport Services

Whether you are just arriving or are leaving on trip, Limousine.com is there! to serve you. Whether you need a sedans, SUVs, or Vans or Bus, we have you covered. We provide fixed rates including tolls and taxes. We provide you free inside pickup and 30 minute free wait time. Our Dispatch System is connected to Flightview to automatically monitor and update all flight arrivals. No need to call us if a flight is delayed.

Limousine.com Special Event Services
Special Events

We specialize in all events including, proms, weddings, tour and other events with your choice of vehicle,

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Limousine.com Corporate Services

With Limousine.com Corporate services you are in command anywhere in the world. We provide vehicles of your choice for corporate parties, whether you need 200 cars or 400 cars or you prefer vans and Coach Buses. We send our trained staff on site to handle big groups and parties.